Matulich Photography

Hello, I'm Vicky Matulich, the photographer behind the camera. I have loved photography since I was a young girl, borrowed my parents Kodak Instamatic camera and never gave it back. I purchased a nicer camera after my kids were born, but that was still back in the film days. As the years went by, my interest was peaked again, but this time everything was digital and not even close to those old film days!!

I love being behind the camera and capturing those little moments in life. Moments that are gone before we realize it. The beautiful shape of a mommy to be, that newborn baby that changes every day, the graduate as they are ready to take on the world. I think it's a must that every family have their portrait taken, those little ones of yours will grow right before your eyes and before you know it, they are going to be all grown up.

Capture those moments before they are gone, let's get together and make some special memories for your family. Give me a call, email or look me up on Facebook. I look forward to meeting you!